Thank you for having an interest in my Memorial Ash Jewelry. My goal was to create an affordable way to mourn the loss of a pet. Going through this grieving process can be so difficult and painful. The only way I found any comfort was to have a piece of jewelry that I had made with my beloved dog Bart's ashes. I wanted to feel and be surrounded by Bart at all times. I hope this will bring love and comfort to your soul as it did mine. Feel free to ask questions anytime.

Since this item is so heartfelt, I will be including you in the decision process. I will message you once the ashes arrive, and I will send you photos before I ship your item.

This listing is for a Memorial Ash Cremation Concrete Faceted Crystal Pendant Necklace. Colored Concrete is available. This chain is stainless steel. Other chain types are available. This item is considered fragile like a ceramic item. Your ashes will be mixed inside the concrete. The ash may or may not show. This item is water resistant.

There may be times that I use your item as a sample photo in my shop. If this is not comfortable for you, please let me know.


Memorial Ash Concrete Crystal Necklace/Cremation Necklace/Pet Memorial Jewelry