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Handmade Cremation Stones are made from a High Quality Resin. They are very strong. However, They should not be worn in any type of chemical or salt water. Upon making a purchase, I will send you my address and ash directions. I only need a small amount of ash when making Cremation Jewelry. Once I receive your ash, I will send you a message that it's arrived. I will also send you photos before setting a stone (if it applies) for your approval. Never hesitate to contact me if you have questions.



A handmade stone is exactly that. I use a high quality liquid resin. I add a very small amount of ash and any color additives to the liquid resin. It takes about 7-10 days for your item to cure. 




Many customers wanted to have semi precious/precious stones set in their items. I have developed a process where I adhere  your ashes delicately behind a genuine stone.  It is completely water resistant as well. Cubic Zirconia show the ashes more than a Moissanite or Diamonds.



You now can wear Pure Silver and your beloved inside the silver. The Pure Silver that I use comes in a clay form. I add a small amount of ash inside the clay. I form the clay into your desired look. It takes about 3-5 days for the clay to dry. I then shape your item and enhance all the details. The silver is then fired. During the firing process, the clay will evaporate and burn out. What is left, is an amazing piece of pure precious silver. I then sand, buff and polish your item. Its a great way to wear a Memorial item.

Handmade Resin Stone Colors

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