Thank you for having an interest in my Jewelry. My son and I have 7 reptiles and love to keep their shed preserved forever. The details of each individual reptile are so amazingly cool. This makes a wonderful gift and most any item in my store is available with your babies shed.

This listing is for a Custom Reptile Shed Ornate Pendant. This pendant is silver plated over brass. 

The photos in this listing are a sample. I will be custom making this item for you. Shades and tones may vary depending on the shed color.

Your Shed Stone is completely hand made and one-of-a-kind. If the stone is not of quality, I will retry until I feel it's perfect! You will receive every item made of your pet's ashes. I do not keep any of the stones that do not pass my quality test. There may be times that I use your item as a sample photo in my shop. If this is not comfortable for you, please let me know.


The process is very simple. Upon purchase, I will send you my address so you are able to send me your shed. I will need a few pieces of shed. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Most of my pieces are completely one-of-a-kind.  Appearances vary slightly from piece to piece. 

I’m happy to answer any questions, and thanks to my great communication skills, you can expect a timely response to our conversation. If I don’t receive a message within 24 hours, I will assume that there are no additional notes on the order and I’ll move forward with designing your unique creation.

Thank you!
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Reptile Shed Ornate Pendant Necklace