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Thank you for having an interest in my Memorial Ash Jewelry. Going through this grieving process can be so difficult and painful. The only way I found any comfort was to have a piece of jewelry that I had made with my beloved dog Bart's ashes. I wanted to feel and be surrounded by Bart at all times.  I hope this will bring love and comfort to your soul as it did mine. Feel free to ask questions anytime.
This listing is for a DIY Glass Cabochon Galaxy Photo Pendant Necklace. Your item comes with a pendant base, a silver plated chain,a small tube of craft glue to seal the glass on the pendant base, a mixing container to mix the adhesive and ashes to the pendant base.

Please go here to this link to see directions.


Directions: Add a small amount of ash to the adhesive and mix into the mixing dish. Apply the adhesive ash mix to the bottom of the pendant base and place the glass photo cabochon stone in the base. Press firmly. If you get a little bit of adhesive on the glass stone,no worries. Feel free to use some rubbing alcohol to clean up excess adhesive.

Most of my pieces are completely one-of-a-kind.  Appearances vary slightly from piece to piece. 

I’m happy to answer any questions, and thanks to my great communication skills, you can expect a timely response to our conversation. If I don’t receive a message within 24 hours, I will assume that there are no additional notes on the order and I’ll move forward with designing your unique creation.

DYI Memorial Ash Cremation Galaxy Photo Glass Pendant Necklace

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